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    Leslie Ann O’Dell’s, ‘Plateau’, 2011 Photography & digital in the current issue of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine » www.beautifulbizarre.net/shop

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    Leslie Ann O’Dell

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    Boris Ovini 

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    Viktor Kopp - Gray Painting with Window (2012)

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    Buoy lighter. (1948)

    Photo by Dmitri Baltermants

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    Drive of a blooming mill, Germany (2013)

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    Marcel Marceau

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    Joshua Dudley Greer - Somewhere Along the Line

    Artist’s statement:

    "Early settlers imagined the New World as a pristine, uninhabited wilderness – a landscape of unparalleled beauty, magnitude and possibility. Yet the driving impulse of expansion was rarely to commune with nature, but more often a desire to carve a garden from these wilds and create a new civilization, unique from all others. Lines began to be drawn, initially through agriculture and settlements, then railways and cities, and eventually the road.

    Today, the American landscape is carved up by nearly 4,000,000 miles of roadways that lead us to just about anywhere we need or want to be. The Interstate Highway System in particular has permanently altered the way we experience the landscape and in turn, each other.

    The ideas of mobility, prosperity, community and growth, cornerstones of the American Dream, still motivate many of us to strike out on the road in search of something beyond what our daily lives provide. For some it may be a job or a lifestyle, for others an escape. Whatever the motivation may be, we are all visitors somewhere.”